Strong As Life | Manifest
Vårt levnadsmotto är att allt du ger i livet får du tillbaka, med små medel kan du göra stor skillnad. Vår vision är att bidra till en starkare, snällare och rättvisare värld. Inget jag, inget du, inget vi, inget dem. Oss!
Strong As Life
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The movement strong as life.
A blog that became a movement and which today has grown into a tribe of people from all over the world that has taken responsibility. Our passion defines our purpose, our dedication carries the banner of change and together establishing a connection between likeminded communities. Together we inspire a better planet!

We are Strong as Life.
Strong As Life is a fitness social enterprise, communicating to the hearts of people. A tribe built on the manifestations of the individuality of people that come together as one. It’s a fellowship built on the Passion for well-being that not only invests in personal development and health, but also is Dedicated to make a difference in the world by Inspiring change.

With great power comes great responsibility.
We believe in the power of people and the amazing results that can be reached when working together. As humans of the planet and citizens of the world we carry a big responsibility.

We believe in receive by giving.
We envision a world that receives by giving. The real currency in life is the effect you have on others, dare to give and you will receive!

We want to make a change.
We express our beliefs and enliven hope by creating opportunities for kids where resources are limited. We invest in them because we believe that every child has the potential of making a difference in the future world. Where every product represents a contribution and every person wearing it an outreached hand!

We are one.
We are all responsible to take care of each other, all animals, the environment, the world and the planet. As humans of this Earth do we walk with the intention of doing good. It starts with the understanding of how to do so, the connection and mantra we call “Be strong as life!”