Strong As Life | Our Story
Vårt levnadsmotto är att allt du ger i livet får du tillbaka, med små medel kan du göra stor skillnad. Vår vision är att bidra till en starkare, snällare och rättvisare värld. Inget jag, inget du, inget vi, inget dem. Oss!
Strong As Life
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It all started as a blog, with the purpose of inspiring health. A push-up challenge turned it into a fellowship. A fellowship representing a message of not only training for personal health, but also for others. A message that currently is carried by countless of beautiful souls around the globe. Strong as Life is today represented in Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy, North America, Brazil, Australia and Japan. We believe that all you give in life will be received, and that with small actions can you make a big difference.

Our vision is to inspire a better, stronger and more fair world..

Our mission is to invest 100 000 SEK (12 500 USD) each year in development-projects helping children around the world.

No me. No you. No we. No them. Us!

During 2014 did we support children in the township of Kayamandi, South Africa. We are today partnering up with Läkarmissionen and starting a new project helping kids in the slum of New Delhi, India.

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