Strong As Life | South Africa
Vårt levnadsmotto är att allt du ger i livet får du tillbaka, med små medel kan du göra stor skillnad. Vår vision är att bidra till en starkare, snällare och rättvisare värld. Inget jag, inget du, inget vi, inget dem. Oss!
Strong As Life
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Kayamandi is a HIV/AIDS affected township with a very high crime-rate and extreme poverty. The majority of the adults are addicted to either alcohol or drugs to escape their harsh reality. The streets are an unsafe place for children, who often have nowhere else to go.


Fortunately, there are organizations and people, we like to call them heroes, who work daily to make a difference.


Strong as Life has with your help supported the non-profit organization, Legacy Community Development Centre. Legacy offers the children a safe place to be at and develop in after school hours. Legacy give kids an opportunity to dare to pursue their dreams.


Click here to read more about the project through their website Legacy