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Vårt levnadsmotto är att allt du ger i livet får du tillbaka, med små medel kan du göra stor skillnad. Vår vision är att bidra till en starkare, snällare och rättvisare värld. Inget jag, inget du, inget vi, inget dem. Oss!
Strong As Life
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Why not an Interview

To start things of I would like to post an not to old interview with me made by ( NI SOM LÄSER PÅ SVENSKA KAN KLICKA PÅ LÄNKEN OCH LÄSA INTERVJUN DÄR) 🙂


The editors had a chat with Alex Siamak Shirpey …

How was it that you started with strength training?


– The story goes way back.  Guess it started when I was a kid and played with action figures and like everybody else wanted to be one. Later on at the age 14, a torn cruciate ligament with the icehockey team led to rehab training at Råsunda-clinic. Used to stay after my rehab and try some other machines and weights everytime.


However, it was well until the start of 3rd year in high school when I’ve quit the hockey as strength training took over. Was at the gym almost every day and has continued to keep a very high training frequency up to this day. But nowadays strength training is just one of my various forms of exercise.


What has been your biggest challenge and how have you worked to get over it?


– There have been and still is many challenges. I am my own biggest critic and I’m never satisfied, that’s a challenge in itself also, to be happy with what you’ve done. When I was younger I was small and skinny, the first big challenge then was to eat and eat a lot. I have never been a big eater so I had to set the alarm and force myself to eat when it was time. I was always the last one to finish my plate in school and could open a tuna-can on lectures and all sorts of places whenever intake was necessary.


Then the second major challenge was that my legs didn’t want to keep up with upper body developments. My breasts popped up extremely quickly because of my gentics and lines, so I have my entire life been a subject to the ”LEGDAY” hating talk. When you’re your own biggest critic and on top of that get it slammed in your face by others that have no idea how much you train, it is easy to develop complex. Even today I struggle with my legs and barely train the upper body compared to other guys.


The latest challenge has been to find balance in my training. For a while I had 4 MMA training sessions and 7 strength training workouts a week and my body said no. I still work out almost as much but I’ve shortened the strength training length and instead increased the intensity and implemented more complex exercises. I also focus much more on stretching and mobility nowadays which has contributed to a fresher body.



Witch sports did you train before you started with weight training ?

– Played football to the age of 14 and icehockey to 17 years of age.

 What do you consider to be your ”best” muscle group ?

– People would probably say my chest. Funny is that it’s the muscle group I train the  least , frightening little.




What do you consider to be your ”worst” muscle group?


– Calves. I lost the genetic lottery there, but I still believe that it has been useful for other parts of my consciousness not to be happy with them.


What are your best tips to get stronger?


– Complex exercises, eccentric training, periodization of training, mobility and stretch. That and a stubborn mind!

What training split has worked best for you?


Monday: Front thigh / Tuesday: Triceps and Shoulders / Wednesday: Calves and abs / Thursday: Hamstring and Squats /  Friday: Chest and Back and Biceps / Saturday: Rest / Sunday: Calves and abs


What is your diet like?


– 1.5 tsp super greens + Hemp Protein + 1 tsp coconut oil + vitamin D + vitamin B + Omega-3

1hr later – 200grams meat / fish / poultry, nuts + 10 + very green

3 hours later – 200grams meat / fish / poultry + much veggies + 1/2 avocado

3 hours later (and after exercise) – 250 grams of meat / fish / poultry + much veggies + 1/2 avocado + 300 grams of potatoes or rice 150grams

3 hours later – 250 grams of meat / fish / poultry + much veggies + 1/2 avocado + 300 grams of potatoes or rice 150grams

ZMA + coconut oil before bedtime

After training: 1.5 tsp SuperGreens and after that fast carbs and protein from Selfomninutrition


Do you prefer long or short workouts?


-20 min warmup  including  stretch, then 1 hour effective training followed by 10 min of stretch.


What do you get your inspiration from?



– I am inspired by driven athletes in various sports that I have respect for. I am inspired by my friends that I have around me and their athletic struggle. I am inspired by my girlfriend who keeps my pace in both training and entrepreneurship so that we can build a strong and fruitful future together, both physically and mentally. Then I must add that I rarely need inspiration from my surroundings to drive me on. As I said I am my biggest challenger. I don’t fuck up the nutrition because I simply learned to enjoy eating clean. I don’t skip workouts if I’m not forced to or sick at home, because I know that the best are doing more than others.



What supplements do you use?


– SuperGreens, vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc o Magnesium, Omega-3, protein, gainer and amino acids. Products from SELFOMNINUTRITION


What is your favorite quote?

– I have no favorite quotes and think that people throw around quotes everywhere to seem insightful without backing shit up. So I’m not into the quote mode. ”Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood”  the French Revolution motto if it had to be something.

What do you do except training?

– I’m one of the owners in the charity-company Strong as Life where we sell training/ casual outfits whose profit results in one project each year with 100 000 SEK to share. Projects that we visit, film and post on our website so that people can see what the money has actually goes to. The first collection of T-shirts culminated in a trip to our first project in the HIV-affected township of Kayamandi in South Africa. Next collection of sleeveless hoodies will lead to a project in the slums of New Delhi, India. So buy a shirt!!!

I also Model through the agencies Stockholmsgruppen and Base Models Cape Town. Last campaign I did was for one of Swedens biggest sports outlet Stadium.

What makes all this possible is my Personal Training company. It gives me the opportunity to decide when to work and how much I cost all by myself.

Do you have a girlfriend?

– Yes. Josefine Forsberg, the most beautiful soul on this earth.

Future goals?

– Make a difference and get more people to make a positive difference on this earth. This while I simultaneously also develop my mind, my body and my economic base. It is called sustainable development and I think more people should join.

What do you think about steroids and other PEDs?


– Think it’s a shame that society has evolved into a place where people believe it is necessary. I do not blame individuals, I can even understand them. I would rather focus on what kind of performance chasing society we all intentionally and unintentionally have created. A society where many feel an enormous pressure to succeed so extremely well in something measurable as a body or wallet. I am also inside this charade (would not be able to stay here in the western world otherwise), but I always try to think about it from a different perspective and seek to evolve away from it.

Statistics Age: 28 // Height: 184cm // Weight (on / off): 75-79kg

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